Music & Movement
Classes visit Music & Movement once a week to move freely and express their personalities while singing and dancing!

Classes visit Art once a month to learn about real works of art and then create a
masterpiece of their own!

Classes visit STEM once a month to experience hands-on projects that help explain the science behind our everyday life!
Classes visit Chapel once a month with Pastor Jessie in the Sanctuary. Our goal is to teach basic values such as being a kind and loving person.

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A Few Words About Our School

The Mission of Anchors-A-Wee Preschool is to provide a nurturing, stimulating, and creative learning environment for young children. All care is provided in a Christian based setting, where love and respect for self and one another are emphasized.  Our goal is to provide a developmentally appropriate preschool that helps children develop their minds and bodies in a safe and healthy place. The education that Anchors-A-Wee provides is tailored to the unique age and development of the individual child.

Anchors-A-Wee Preschool was established in 1989 by Christ Our Anchor Presbyterian Church to be an outreach ministry to the community.

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